Stage3D Resource Links

A collection of the most useful Stage3D links I’ve come across.

This link will give you all the posts on my site about Stage3D.
Getting the inevitable self-advertising out the way.

How Stage3D works
Working with 3D cameras
What is AGAL
Vertex and Fragment Shaders
Hello Triangle

Perspective Projection
A series of quality and thorough tutorials on the fundamentals of working with Stage3D from Macro Scabia. I dropped my plans to write some very similar tutorials when I found these as they cover everything I had planned to.

Byte Array
The blog of Thibault Imbert, a product manager for the Adobe Flash Runtime. A good source of information on the most recent developments, which has mostly been Stage3D related of late. Browse through and you’ll quickly find important and practical details about the Stage3D technology.

Flashing in Public
Ben Whiting’s blog on Flash development, with a healthy emphasis on Stage3D. Really rather nice examples of the technology.

The blog of Chris Kaitila, who has written a [the?] book on Stage3D, which follows through a practical example of creating a 3D game from scratch.

Official Documentation
Don’t forget there actually is documentation for Stage3D! For some reason most the contents of the standard documentation for Stage3D features is currently blanked out, but this link will take you to the beta version which is intact.

Finally a note that back when Stage3D was younger it was known as Molehill, so you may see references to that in some resources. Very little has changed with regards how everything works since then so you should be safe following older tutorials. The only difference in the API I know of is that Molehill used slightly different syntax for setting up the size of a Context3d’s back buffer. Switching to the new version is no work at all, but it does mean older examples you find might simply fail to work.

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